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We are currently gearing up to open Beta Testing for our new VPS using the power of Citrix Xen Virtualization!!! There is limited space available, so we will handle requests in first come first serve fashion. The Beta VPS will be free for the time of the beta.

Testers will have the option to choose what OS they would like to use, for free during the course of the Beta. These new Virtual Private Servers will have guaranteed 512MB Ram, 20GB Hard Disk and one IP address. These servers can be fully updated, and are completely independent of the host server’s OS and each other. With the nature of these Virtual Private Servers, the memory and hard drive CAN NOT be upgraded at this time.

We currently have the following Operating Systems Available for testing:

  • CentOS 4.7
  • CentOS 5.3
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008 (Extremely Large OS, Takes up Almost 10GB alone)

While the VPS Servers themselves are free, if you require a control panel, they may not be. Below is a breakdown of control panels that are available.

We will have a special support desk open for any problems that may arise during the Beta that will address only issues related to the VPS function. If issues are caused by the control panel, or software related issues please use the dedicated desk. At this time there is no phone support for available.

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Want to know how you can get more information about how Microsoft’s new Bing search crawls your web sites?  You could easily submit your domain name to their webmaster tools section.  How do you do that?  Let me show you.

First, you will want to go to the webmaster tools page, and login using your MSN login information.  (Yes, even I forgot I had a Hotmail account!).

Once you login, here is what things look like:

bing webmaster tools

As you can see you can easily add your e-mail address, web site address and sitemap address.  Once you do that, you have several different ways you can verify your ownership of the web site you submit.  Much like Google’s and Yahoo!’s webmaster tools, you can embed some code, or download a file to upload to your web site. 

Once you get that done, then you should get a profile for your domain:

bing domain name profile and stats

They provide a lot of good information that will give you details on how your domain is being crawled by Bing.  You get your site status, crawl issues, backlinks, outbound links, a keyword tool and more.  I also look forward to seeing what else they add here to catch up with Google’s webmaster tools service – as it is the current leader of the pack. 

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Time to submit your web site in our Site of the Month contest over on the Lunarforums.  June is well on it’s way – and it has been a light month for submissions, so if you have been reluctant to do it in the past – this might be your chance to make it into the final five that will be voted on. 

Anybody hosting with Lunarpages is welcome to join in on the fun, as it is a easy thing to do.  See this link for more details:

Good luck to all that enter!

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Want to make your web page a little more accessible to Twitter users?  You might look to add the re-tweeter from TweetMeme to your own web site layout.  You (or your fans) can promote your web site using the TweetMeme button.  It is a simple and easy way to integrate Twitter onto your blog and web site.

You have two different badges to choose from:

TweetMeme Buttons

Once you pick the one you like most, you need to figure out how to get it working on your own web site, right?  Check out this article for more help on getting that done:

They also have a WordPress plugin to install, which will automatically put the button on all your pages.  Overall, I would say that this is a very stylish way to get people to re-tweet (aka share) your stories and posts from your web site to their own Twitter followers.  Speaking of Twitter, be sure to follow @lunarpages for tons of web hosting fun.

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Easier Text Box Resizing

I need of a way to resize a tiny text box that you want more room in to write? 

Some web site’s comment forms or other text boxes on the web confine you to a little tiny space to get your writing done.  However The Man in Blue has developed a great bookmarklet that will let you resize a textbox anywhere at any time.  Go pick up the FormTextResizer, and save it to your bookmarks.  Now, each time the bookmark is clicked, you can resize any text box on the page.  Need to resize another text box?  Click the bookmark again, and then resize again.

For the Greasemonkey fans out there, you might also want to check out this user script.  It allows you to grow the size of text areas on most websites using the keyboard: while typing in a text area, press Ctrl-Enter to expand the text area vertically and Ctrl-Space to make it wider.

For the Firefox add-on lovers, there is TextArea Resizer & Mover.

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