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bird research

Alberta researchers are using hundreds of audio recording devices as they seek to understand why bird populations are declining.


It’s hotter than ever in northern Russia and the implications for the earth’s climate are significant. Currently, 1.77 million hectares of land are burning with expectations that the total fire area could eventually surpass the 17 million hectares that burned in 2019.

Alta Parole Board 20200601

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is accusing the federal government of preventing tech companies like Google and Apple from working with provinces to improve their contact tracing apps.

Mars Missions

Mars is about to be invaded by planet Earth — big time. Three countries — the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates — are sending unmanned spacecraft to the Red Planet in quick succession beginning this week.

China Deadly Floods

The Yangtze River region has seen its second highest rainfall in more than a half-century so far this year as deadly flooding strikes much of China.

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