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Italy Obit Wallace Broecker

The climate scientist who popularized the term “global warming” has died. Wallace Smith Broecker was 87.


Scientists on Monday said they have decoded the genome of Earth’s largest predatory fish, detecting numerous genetic traits that help explain its remarkable evolutionary success.

AMAZON boxes delivery

Amazon, which ships millions of packages a year to shopper’s doorsteps, says it wants to be greener.

Mars Weather

NASA’s newest lander is offering daily reports on the red planet’s frigid winter. The space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is posting the highs and lows online, along with wind speed and atmospheric pressure from the InSight lander. In its most recent update, InSight recorded a high of -17 C and a low of -95 C.

Gerald Cotten Quadriga QuadrigaCX

Top Canadian law firms are jockeying for position to represent people who have money tied up in a cryptocurrency exchange that became frozen after the mysterious death of its founder in India.

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