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BCWebnet is a division of  Fortress Internet Solutions Inc., a Canadian company incorporated in the province of British Columbia. The company is based in Vancouver, BC Canada and owns all of our servers and related equipment. At all times your data is stored safely and security in our world-class infrastructure in Canadian jurisdictions. We aren’t simply reselling another provider’s products and services like many other webhosting companies do.

Why Host Your Website In Canada?
Canada has strict privacy protection laws that are recognized as compliant with privacy laws in the European Union. Canadian and European companies who host their sites in the United States are potentially breaking the law if private information is not adequately protected or disclosed contrary to Canadian or European law. This is especially a concern due to far-reaching American laws like the US Patriot Act. Hosting in Canada means your privacy and personal information is effectively and consistently protected by federal legislation.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
As we are a Canadian company with all our data stored in Canada, you are guaranteed that your information and website data is protected under the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Unlike webhosting companies in the US, your data is covered by privacy protection laws mandated by the Canadian government. And at the moment there is no federal legislation in the US to protect personal information in the marketplace.

BCWebnet takes pride in ensuring that we comply with both the federal Canadian and British Columbia provincial regulations to protect privacy and personal information.

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?
Do you know where your website data is physically stored? Do you know what legal jurisdiction the hosting company you are using falls under?

Many hosting companies are merely resellers the services of other big companies. By not asking the right questions you will never know who is ultimately keeping your data, and you can only guess where the servers are physically located – your website could be hosted any where in the world.

We firmly advocate that you locate your websites and client data in countries that protect your privacy and information with strong legislation. Make sure you know who owns the equipment and where its located before you buy.

If you are using a hosting company that is US-based or has computers and/or data held in US territory, you and your customer’s information are subject to the US Patriot Act. PIPEDA explicitly states that you must disclose to your customers of the purpose for which their information is being collected. If you do not disclose to your customers that their information may also be subject to the US Patriot Act you are in breach of Canadian privacy laws.

For example, part of the US Patriot Act allows for secret “sneak and peek” search warrants to be issued without probably cause or giving notice to you and your comapny. If this were to happen to the server your website is hosted on, you would be unintentionally in breach of PIPEDA.

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