Create a Google Profile!

Have you setup your Google profile?  A while back, Google started to show profiles in their search results, so if you want to make sure somebody is able to find you – it might be a good idea to set up or update your own Google profile.

To get started, go to Google’s create a profile page, and click on the create my profile button.  From there, you can list your name, upload a photo, give a description about yourself, list your super powers (what, you don’t have super powers?), list your web site links and so much more.  The above picture is an example of my own profile on Google.

Once you are done, it might take a while, but you should start showing up as a result at the bottom of your Google search for your own name.  Here is mine, as another example:

Mitch in the Google Search Results

So there you have it.  That is one more easy way to make sure people find you and your web sites when searching via Google.

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