Easier Text Box Resizing

I need of a way to resize a tiny text box that you want more room in to write? 

Some web site’s comment forms or other text boxes on the web confine you to a little tiny space to get your writing done.  However The Man in Blue has developed a great bookmarklet that will let you resize a textbox anywhere at any time.  Go pick up the FormTextResizer, and save it to your bookmarks.  Now, each time the bookmark is clicked, you can resize any text box on the page.  Need to resize another text box?  Click the bookmark again, and then resize again.

For the Greasemonkey fans out there, you might also want to check out this user script.  It allows you to grow the size of text areas on most websites using the keyboard: while typing in a text area, press Ctrl-Enter to expand the text area vertically and Ctrl-Space to make it wider.

For the Firefox add-on lovers, there is TextArea Resizer & Mover.

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