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A blogger friend was worried over the last Google PageRank update. Not because he didn’t get a PR jump, but it showed up in an unexpected way. His homepage got a PR jump from PR1 to PR3, but one of his internal pages got a PR 4 as well. So now, he has the homepage at PR3, one internal page at PR4, and rest at PR1 and 2.

Now, what happened was that the internal page with PR4 was actually where he released a Wordpress plugin. And it went popular gathering a few good backlinks, which resulted in the PR4.

In my opinion this is a completely normal situation and there’s nothing to worry about.

Because Page Rank is given based on which page links to you, it might so happen that an internal page from your website with more and better backlinks might get a higher PR than the homepage.

In fact, you could use this to your advantage.

- You could link your best articles or the best optimized pages from the internal page with more PR and share the PR value with them. If they are odd enough (with keyword density and all that) you might not want to place it on the homepage to annoy people.

- You could also tweak the higher PR page itself and optimize it for the targeted keywords.

Had your highest PR been on the homepage, you have the task of interlinking the most important pages in your site from the homepage, and this doesn’t go well in all cases, so if you have an internal page with no much visibility but higher PR, it’s a better option.

Do you have pages in your blogs with higher Page Ranks than your homepage ?

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Should the homepage have the highest PageRank on a website?

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I’ve heard from several clients today who had their page ranks change both for the better, and worse (my own hardware website went from a PR5 to a PR4). However it seems that a re-occurring bug where Google drops the page rank of internal pages that deserve to be ranked has snuck into this update. After most page rank updates I usually check out one of the previous employers websites to see how

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