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The Nintendo DS, with its quirky control set-up and small screens, is perfect for puzzle games, a genre into which Exit fits very neatly. In it you control professional escape artist Mr Esc and any people or dogs he manages to rescue from burning or crumbling buildings, a sinking cruise ship, a tidal wave inundation and various other scenes of lighthearted peril. Using the stylus to guide Mr Esc and his charges around the screen as you try to get everyone to safety, the secret to solving its progressively more complicated puzzles is discovering the right sequence in which to open doors, extinguish fires and slide down ropes. Hindered by agonising moments when the sheer flakiness of the control scheme causes unintended casualties – all too regularly forcing restarts right at the end of a level – as well as the infuriatingly pitched cries for help of your rescuees, Exit is as compelling as it was when originally released on PSP and Xbox Live.

Square Enix, £35

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