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I was talking to a client lately, who suggested that I remove the AdSense ads from DSB.

It makes your site looks cheap – He said.

Hmm…That’s an interesting point.

In fact, DSB does not run on AdSense nor the revenues is any good to call it a credible, sustainable source of revenue. It’s around 3-5 hundreds a month, which I believe is negligible for the space it occupies and the highlight it receives.

But I’m not surprised. AdSense ads are meant to perform well for websites who have tailor made content, or so I believe. For everyone else who focus on quality writing, it’s probably a bonus.

And a lot depends on what domain you are in. Right ? If you are running a “MFA” then you got to keep AdSense units all over, but for a service/product related website, it might have to be cornered.

I think it’s taking too much of space on DSB, and is thinking about cornering it. It does give good referrals to interesting websites however. If it does not, I might completely take it away.

But what do you think ?

Is it un necessary or good enough just to be cornered ?

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Does adding AdSense ads to your site make it look “cheap” ?

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