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BCE Inc. has asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet to reverse a CRTC ruling that requires Bell to provide wholesale internet service providers access to the same speeds Bell offers.

Barack Obama and Stephen Harper said they will establish a clean energy dialogue and work on easing cross-border bottlenecks following a meeting on Thursday in which the U.S. president also stressed he did not press the prime minister to extend Canada’s combat role in Afghanistan.

Look for Stephen Harper to discuss the ailing car sector and the Buy American clause at today’s meeting with Barack Obama.

Oil, syncrude and the environment should all be high on the agenda when the U.S. president meets with Prime Minister Stephen Harper today.

Three years into his leadership and Prime Minister Stephen Harper still hasn#146;t made a single trip to China. It#146;s a known fact that bilateral relations have been frosty, but just where exactly is Canada#146;s trade policy with China heading? Is change on the horizon?