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Never underestimate the power of first-mover advantage, especially when being one of the first movers gets you bought by Google. Back in August, 1999, Pyra Labs launched Blogger. LiveJournal had launched six months before and Open Diary in October of the previous year. But it was Pyra Labs which was acquired by Google in February, 2003, and the rest was history. Now, nearly ten years later, Blogger is still the dominant hosted blogging platform. In May, 52 million individual people from the U.S. visited a Blogger blog, almost twice as many as the 28 million who visited a blog hosted by Wordpress.com (comScore). Six Apart properties, including Typepad.com, attracted 14 million.

Millions of bloggers still use Blogger because it is easy. However, Wordpress.com is making steady gains and growing its aggregate audience in the U.S. at more than twice the annual rate of Blogger (40 percent versus 14 percent). These numbers don’t count all the blogs that host Wordpress on their own servers, such as Techcrunch.

The vast majority of Blogger traffic comes from outside the United States, where its annual growth rate is 38 percent compared to Wordpress.com’s 59 percent. On a worldwide basis, Blogger blogs have a readership of 267 million people a month, compared to 143 million a month for Wordpress (comScore, April, 2008). The biggest countries are, in order:

1. U.S.
2. Brazil
3. Turkey
4. Spain
5. Canada
6. U.K.

From a business standpoint, Blogger is good for Google because it creates millions of sites which can show AdSesne ads. It creates more inventory for Google. Only recently has Google bothered to start showing ads to the users of Blogger itself every time they publish a post.

Can Blogger keep its lead indefinitely, or will Wordpress eventually catch up? Or will something else entirely overtake both of them?

Today, two of the people behind the original Blogger, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, have another little service that is capturing people’s attention. It is called Twitter, you may have heard about it. In May, Twitter.com had 17.6 million unique U.S. visitors to its Website alone, making it bigger already than Six Apart.

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Now that Twitter is mainstream, its more of a necessity to have Twitter integrated to your bog theme right from start. Unfortunately themes developed prior to the Twitter revolution did not feature it nor features to add it. Here are some cool WordPress themes that will feature Twitter integrated into them by default or are inspired by the Twitter design. Also some tutorials on how to add Twitter to your blogs. Twitter all the way !


Twitter Integrated Themes

1. Pellucid Dashed -  A Simple, Clean, Artistic Wordpress theme

1 - pellucid

2. Green Park 2 – Another simple and stylish Twitter ready theme


3. Magazine Cinco – Another magazine styled wordpress theme with Twitter integration


4. EDU Journal Theme – Twitter ready WordPress theme with lot of white space and gradients.


5. Digital Statement – A clean professional looking theme with Twitter integrated right in.


Twitter Inspired Themes

6. Twordder – A simple Twitter inspired theme.


7. Fresh Tweets – A Twitter clone Wordpress theme


8. Prologue – A Twitter inspired theme from Automattic


9. Red Trafik – A grunge style Twitter ready Wordpress theme


10. Intaglio – Twitter integrated WordPress theme


Bonus – Twitter – WordPress integration Tutorials

1. Twitter – Wordpress Integration guide

2. Twittersuite – Twitter and Wordpress Integrated

3. Integrating Twitter to WordPress – Lorelle

How to add Twitter to Wordpress – Video Tutorials

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10 Twitter WordPress Themes – Twitter integrated and Inspired

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You know the problem with the “plug and play” products is that they work really easy for you but once when things get screwed, you really are on your own. All in One SEO is one of the most downloaded and used plugins on Wordpress today and it deserves the popularity.

But unfortunately, not all of the people using All in One SEO knows exactly what it does, or what it is up to. I’ve been a fan of Headspace (recommended here) and for its features and flexibility. But its not as popular as All in One SEO, probably because of its “not-so-easy-to-use” interface. (Also, migration from ‘All in One’ to Headspace could run in to problems, like I had once here at DSB.)

Anyways, QOT, a popular blog from India has come out with an interesting observation recently, where they suggest that the recent drop in PageRank, could be because of a setting in All in One SEO, which was automatically updated during an upgrade.

Though we don’t have complete evidences, PChere has discovered some very believable clues that point us to the reason. All in One SEO had a canonical element add that was auto checked on upgrade, so it confused the engines with its canonical tag. This happened probably becuase QOT was in a subdirectory and AllinOne SEo wasn’t clever enough to detect it, as it only followed the standard addition without any conditions.

The same could have happened to anyone, who is on a subfolder, and uses All in One plugin. Well, the perils of using a plugin that you cannot completely configure to your needs !

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All in One SEO Plugin might have screwed up your Page Rank

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Muhammed Siyab asked me this question lately.

How do I build “trust” with the search engines ?

Quite and interesting question. We’ve heard it time and again, to build trust with Google, and that it’s probably the best way to improve your site’s web presence.

build-trust-with-google To be honest, this concept is more complex than it looks like. There are more than a couple of simple ways or methods that goes into building trust with the search engines. But before we go into it, let me ask you a question.

Why do you trust a person ?

Or rather

When do you start trusting a person?

Let me guess.

- Because the person is genuine.
- Because he has talent and resources.
- He’s fair and not evil.
- He’s got no vested interests, and knows what he’s up to.
- He doesn’t fake.

And probably a hundred more reasons, right ?

Well, it’s probably the same with Google. Take a look from Google’s perspective. It has millions of website to sort and index, and your website is probably one among the millions that’s sprouting up everyday. And Google has to index you too, which is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So right from finding your website first to it’s growth, the search engines gathers all the metrics to decide whether the site is “trustworthy” or not.

Of course, by “trustworthy”, it doesn’t mean the authenticity of the site or it’s content. Google, I believe prefers to take a fair stand on the right for websites to publish content. It doesn’t want to involve itself in deciding the content, but gives everyone the right to publish their opinions. And if the content is popular that means that the site has some “substance” in it anyway.

Alright so coming back to the authority quotient, what are the things that a webmaster might want to look in to, to help build the trust with search engines.

1 – Get good references from authority sources.

Let’s just not call it “backlinks”, that’s a lame term. By references I mean not just a text link, but good recommendations from other sources that are already gotten into the good books of Google. Some people call it “editorial articles”. Ok whatever.

2 – Refrain from using duplicate content.

No I didn’t say that you shouldn’t write on a topic that’s already been published. Write it in your own way. Bring in hues and colors that people will love. Don’t just end up imitating someone. Put some effort from your side. Forget the CTRL+C, CTRL+V shortcuts.

3 – Be active.

If people should like you (people including the search engines), you got to give them value first. Think of one good reason why they should visit your site once a day. Are you giving free money ? If not, give them something to take back home. Value, quality, call it as you like but unless you keep delivering it regularly, they’re going to find another guy.

4 – Get popular.

I prefer to read techcrunch.com, for technical updates that a Ad cluttered one month long blog on blogspot.com. Reason – I know that TC is genuine and I’m quite likely to read any breaking story first there than anywhere else. (I don’t mean that blogspot.com users can’t be popular). So the idea is to develop that popularity factor. Not everyone can be TC, but once you start building that little bit of popularity, you’ll see the “band wagon effect” in action. Traffic will start trickling down slowly and steadily.

5 – Be technically sound.

Of course yes, You got to plug all the holes and be a healthy website. Now down times, no/minimum broken links etc. If there are more errors that’s obviously a red flag, a big one that is.

6 – Go places.

Syndicate your content on the social media. Get people to read them, and use them as your “tentacles” to grab in traffic to the site. The more your content or snippets of it go places, the more chances of you being a popular guy. And yea, I didn’t mean you doing it all the time. Social Media is all about crowd sourcing, so the best idea will be to get people vote/submit for you.

7 – Don’t play tricks, be cool.

Well, some people just don’t get it. So I think you should try one or two may be and see how it comes back at you. I’m sure you’ll agree that none of those black hat techniques/ quick fixes will give you any mileage. Wise guys refrain from doing such stuff and that’s the whole idea. Google would want to only make friends with genuine guys, not cheaters.

So essentially, building trust with Google and the other search engines is like building a relationship. You got to be good, lovable, smart and attractive for it to last long, if you know what I mean.

Daily SEO blog – SEO Tips and Social Media for the learner

How to build trust with Google and other search engines?

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Here is a nice list I found the other day. W-Shadow has put up a top 10 list of the best Wordpress plugin developers of 2008, based on plugin popularity and number of plugins developed. I think it’s a very apt and true list. Check out the plugins from these authors, they’re all cool.

  1. Michael Torbert
    961 306 downloads. Co-author of All In One SEO Pack (originally created by Uberdose).
  2. Matt Mullenweg
    921 827 downloads. Everybody knows Matt, the main WP dev and author of Akismet.
  3. Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
    775 220 downloads. Author of WP-Polls and other cool plugins.
  4. Arne Brachhold
    628 350 downloads. Author of Google XML Sitemaps, etc.
  5. Andy Skelton
    449 345 downloads. Author of WordPress.com Stats. Another dedicated hacker.
  6. Alex Rabe
    429 705 downloads. Author of NextGEN Gallery, etc.
  7. Oliver Seidel
    361 918 downloads. Author of cforms II.
  8. Joost de Valk
    328 036 downloads. Author of Sociable, Google Analytics for WP and numerous other tools.
  9. Donncha O Caoimh
    246 752 downloads. Author of WP Super Cache and other assorted plugins.
  10. Vladimir Prelovac
    244 963 downloads. Author of Smart YouTube, various SEO plugins, and more.

Daily SEO blog – SEO Tips and Social Media for the learner

The best Wordpress Plugin developers of 2008

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