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cPanel Server cPanel Dedicated Server

cPanel Dedicated Server

Genuine IBM xSeries servers
2 x Intel XEON 2.8GHz CPUs
2GB RAM | 2 x 36GB SCSI HDs (RAID - Mirrored)
100Mbps connection to the Internet
starting at 36GBs RAID1 of Space
up to 1000 Gigabytes of Transfer
Host unlimited domains
cPanel & Fantastico licenses included
High Availability option
Back-ups, Firewall & VPN (optional)
24x7 Proactive Monitoring
Hosted in Canada
100% Canadian owned facility & equipment

nel Reseller Hosting
nel Reseller Hosting
BCwebnet provides Dedicated Server Hosting from $92.50 CDN per month. CentOS 5.x or OS of choice (must provide own license/media for Windows) & we also offer Canada's first High Availability cPanel Hosting service. HA-cPanel truly achieves three 9s in real world usage with outstanding performance.
We Pair Dual LAMP Servers with GlusterFS & cPanel. GlusterFS is a scalable cluster file-system which uses replication to with-stand hardware failures.
Proactive Engineering delivers Highly Available Load Balanced Environment: all servers have hot swappable Redundant Componants and hot swappable drives with H/W RAID Redundancy.
Complete reliability with our exclusive HA-cPanel on paired servers. Get real 99.9% uptime 100% guaranteed.
cPanel Reseller Hosting cPanel Dedicated
Get a cPanel Dedicated Server Now
Dedicated Server Hosting is for those web sites that require considerably large amounts of resources and space. Each web site is hosted on its own web server and the web site owner is given full control over the dedicated web server. We provide only the best equipment, the very servers we host our own site on, to our cPanel dedicated server clients.
Regardless of the site you host when it gets to a certain size and popularity it needs its own server. Our unique buying arragnement makes this a cost effective way to give the most resources to your website and still maintain a reasonable operating cost. Today more than ever website hosting must be reliable and professional. BCwebnet has been proving hosting services for a wide range of businesses, organisations and individuals for nearly 10 years. Our High Availability cPanel Dedicated Server plans give you piece of mind through Proactive Engineering. Designed to manage all manner of software and hardware issues, it is fault tolerant and achieves 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
Professional cPanel Dedicated Server in Canada. We supply the server, rack space, bandwidth, connection to the Internet, hardware maintenance, uninterruptible power supply and 24/7 server hardware monitoring. We also install the CentOS 5.x operating system. We will give you SSH (root) access to the server and you can install most any application or service as long as it complies with our terms of serivce and acceptable use policy.
A cPanel Dedicated Server is for every budget and every type of business and organisation. BCwebnet offers cPanel Dedicated Server plans to suit any budget and is the perfect type of hosting for you to run a a veru busy busy website.
cPanel Reseller Hosting
BCwebnet is a Vancouver based
Canadian company providing cPanel Dedicated Server amoungst its many offerings. We fully own our servers and related equipment. As a Canadian company operating within Canada we are subject to Canadian law only. This means that your data is never exposed to the US Patriot Act and we comply with both provincial (British Columbia) and Federal personal information and privacy protection acts.
BCwebnet is committed to ensuring our cPanel Dedicated Server clients experience worry free hosting so they can focus on achieving their goals. We provide interactive video tutorials and will help you get your website up and running fast. We offer a e-mail ticket based support system where you will get technical support and you will have access to our knowledge base for common problems you may encounter.
cPane Dedicated Server from $92.95 CDN per month.
Exclusive High Availability Environment.
cPanel Dedicated Hosting
All pricing is in Canadian dollars for cPanel reseller hosting accounts. Take advantage of great USD $, UK £ and EU € exchange rates!

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